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Sky and Mom
Sky with Mom at Picture Lake, Mt Shuksan in the background

Washington Ski Map

Mouse-explore hyperlinked Washington map to locate ski descents and climbs by region. Move your mouse over the map or use the menu at the top of the page. Enable both Javascripts and Styling to view this page properly.

Thanks to Fred Bentler for showing me this beautiful copyright-exempt USGS map that fits the Ski Sickness scheme so well. See for a very interesting site focused on Washington east of the crest.


February, 2007

This has been several years coming. I talk to my mom on the phone frequently, trying to relate my excitement over the latest ski descent. Just this January, I was raving to her, "Mom, we just skied from the summit of a peak in a range of mountains where nobody had ever skied off any of the summits."

"Where is that?"

"The Southern Picket Range."`


"Oh, the North Cascades, in the middle of nowhere about twelve miles south of the Canadian border."

I'm usually tempted to just say, "in Washington." But, regardless of appearances, I don't like to be a jerk. So now I can refer her to this handy map.


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