Cascade Pass

Cascade River Road leaves Marblemount and Highway 20 via a bridge over the Skagit River, quickly leading from the confluence of Cascade River and the Skagit River to one of the largest alpine playgrounds in Washington.

Torment-Forbidden Traverse Torment-Forbidden Traverse

September 2, 2007

A Moveable Feast

Testing stability atop Kumquat Couloir Skiing Marble Creek Cirque
Lost Marbles Couloir
Kumquat Couloir

Winter/Spring 2007

Bad puns, big cirque, Little Dick, Lost Marbles

Skiing from Cache Col The Magic S-Loop
Hurry Up Peak
S Glacier Ski Descent

June 19, 2007

Dan skis toward Art's Knoll and Spider Mountain below Cache Col.

Ross skis Formidable's Northwest Face. Mount Formidable, Northwest Face
Ski Descent/First Winter Ascent

March 12, 2006

Tracks on Spider's North Face Spider Mountain, North Face
1972 Kloke/Tindall Route
Ski Descent/FWA

February 6-9, 2006

Tracks on the North Face of Spider Mountain
Photo by John Scurlock

Sky on Early Morning Spire Early Morning Spire, Southwest Buttress
"So-Big Retard"

August 13-15, 2005

Sky scouts the descent off Early Morning Spire.
Photo by Hannah Carrigan

Sky skis Mt Buckner's North Couloir. Mt Buckner, North Couloir Ski Descent

April 29, 2004

One week later, Josh and Sky get it right.

Sky skis the North Couloir of Mt Buckner
Photo by Josh Kaplan

Buckner's North Face Mt Buckner, North Couloir Attempt
Spring Avalanche Tutorial

April 22, 2004

Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.

Mt Buckner's North Couloir and North Face by Jim Nelson

Buckner and Boston Mt Buckner, North Face
First Winter Ascent
Ski Descent

February 19-21, 2004

Happy birthday, Corey. Meet Ross.

Cascade Pass, CJ Couloir, and Johannesburg Cascade-Johannesburg Couloir Ski Descent

April 18, 2003

Jason and Sky get stupid without Ben.

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