Colchuck Peak, Northeast Buttress

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24 August 2006

leading Tony leads the first pitch.

approach Tony approaches the climb.

Colchuck Peak's Northeast Buttress Colchuck Peak's Northeast Buttress
Topo/NE Buttress Route Overlay

Just what the doctor ordered: a fun cruiser on alpine granite with spectacular scenery. Colchuck Lake below us, a glacial remnant to cross, and lots of granite to scramble with a crux here and there. I like easy climbs.

We went right at the last steep headwall. There was a really clean, steep crack that looked doable, but it definitely didn't look like a simulclimb pitch to me, and I didn't want to interrupt the flow. I'll give that a go if/when I hit this route again.

belaying Tony enjoys the view.

simulclimbing Tony follows to where I made a belay after simulclimbing.

summit shot Resting on the summit

glacier descent Descending the Colchuck Glacier

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