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Mt Baker, Coleman-Deming to Park Headwall

21 October 2004

Bergschrund ski traverse Ross skins the crux of the Coleman Deming route.

October hasn't been so great the last few years. I'll never lose hope, though; my memories of skiing the lower ski area at Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood well before Halloween in sixth grade just don't fade.

This year seems to be rewarding my faith.

Paul and Phil decided to quit before the perfect powder pistes put them in preseason paralysis. Ross and I continued to the summit, where I spied the Park Headwall in a condition that just can't be ignored.

I've skied the Park Headwall five times now; my enjoyment just keeps increasing. The Coleman-Deming was in the best skiing condition I've experienced on it, too. (Just watch the crevasses.)

above the clouds Above the clouds

Park Headwall October powder The Park Headwall, as good as it gets in October

Coleman-Deming October powder Ross explodes above the Coleman Glacier.

Coleman Glacier ski tracks Tracks on the Coleman Glacier

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