Pow! Tremor North Face - Curtain Glacier Semi Solo Sunday

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Pow! Tremor North Face - Curtain Glacier Semi Solo Sunday

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Kubik bailed on me the night before, citing genital mutilation as the punishment for skipping out on family activities.

Matt Gunn wanted to wake up at some painful hour to go slog across the Neve. As I outlined my cynicism for such flat objectives, I paused for a moment to laugh at the irony.
Either way, I figured I'd give it a half hearted attempt. I woke up at 3am and proceeded to cough up half a lung and realized that I should sleep my cold off a bit more. I bailed on the Neve and catched some more sleep for a more casual start. Lack of partners be damned.

I was moderately early and headed up Blackcomb to start the Spearhead. I figured I could do a solo Spearhead, and maybe I could sucker some unwitting souls into other objectives. I ran into Jonathan at the resort and they said they were headed for Pattison. I ended up catching up to them again on Decker and I skinned up towards Pattison with Jonathan. It turns out they were also contemplating heading to Tremor. Excellent.
Jonathan and I got the top of Tremor quickly. Some people had skied off the ridge, but the direct line down the north face was untouched. There had been a lot of avalanche activity in the previous couple days, so we thought it'd be smart to do a roped up ski cut.
The top had a bit of funk, but about 15m down the face it got nice. Boot top pow the whole way.

Rich's picture as I skied into the improving snow
At the bottom I snapped some photos of Jonathan, Linda, and David descending, then wished them farewell on their journey back through the Pattison mogul field. Just as Rich, Susie, and Will cruised up the Tremor glacier. This timing couldn't have worked out better. I joined their group for a 'team slow' Spearhead lap. On the Naden glacier we decided to go up and check out the snow conditions on the Curtain Glacier. It turns out it was pow and the stoke for skiing crappy snow on the rest of the Spearhead faded. We summitted Macbeth and then schralped 1000m of pow to the valley.
Rich's pow shot of Will

We crossed Wolverine tracks in the valley a couple times and then climbed up towards Russett with beautiful light on Fissile and Overlord
Breakable crust on cowboy ridge was followed by a really pleasant ski down Singing Pass Trail and beer and pretzels at HandleBar.

More Please.

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Re: Pow! Tremor North Face - Curtain Glacier Semi Solo Sunda

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Good choices and good pairing. Love it out there!

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