San Juanitas

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San Juanitas

Post by skykilo »

Took most of the week off work for a spring fling in the San Juans with Meatwad and Ill Will.

Meatwad and I had a harrowing drive from a snowy New Mexico to Durango, arriving at an acceptably cheap probable bedbug haven at 1 am. Meatwad and I imbibed a La Cumbre La Negra (most delicious imperial stout beer) and fell asleep until Ill Will arrived from Salt Lake City around 3 am. The next morning we tracked a few necessities in Durango then got a crack of noon start on a tour from Molas Lake to Silverton.

Snow conditions were pleasant above 12,000 ft but the late start led to severe skin glopping.
san-juans, askin

First we skied over a minor 13,087 ft summit which is the pyramidal object in the background.
san-juans, bskin

Then we skied epic pow in the main couloir off the Grand Turk. Meatwad embarks.
san-juans, cski

This was some of the best powder of the year.
san-juans, dski

This is a recommended line on a recommended tour.
san-juans, eski

Then we made one final skin to near the summit of the Sultan, from which we skied a glorious pow-filled chute to start a 4,000 ft run that finishes almost in Silverton.
san-juans, fski

This was probably everybody's best pow run of the year.
san-juans, gski

The next morning we slept until after 9 am, got a big breakfast in Silverton, then got another crack of noon start to ski Red Mountain #3. The tour starts on the right from Red Mountain Pass at 11,000 ft, goes over the top to ski the north-facing pow on the left, then down to the highway on an old mining road around 10,300 ft.
san-juans, hred3

The snow was good the whole way.
san-juans, iski

Then we drove to Ouray for a good beer with Mr. Grumpy Pants and a relaxing soak in the hot springs at Wiesbaden Spa. The idea for the third day was to ski Mt. Sneffels. Too bad the road which is plowed and perfectly maintained by the mining operation doesn't open until May 1. Walk.
san-juans, japproach

The scenery in Yankee Boy Basin is so choice.
san-juans, kskin

The skin to 13,500 ft at Scree Col was a wee bit sketchy with all the new snow but actually not so bad.
san-juans, lskin

Near 14,000 ft, everybody finally happy to have crampons for a moment.
san-juans, mcrampons

The Meatwad is a happy ham.
san-juans, nsmile

Sneffels summit.
san-juans, osummit

We rap off the summit because that's fun and cool.
san-juans, prap

Now for a pack of mostly true lies. We did not want to make the epic slog over Scree Col after skiing Snake Couloir so instead we skied steeps on the west aspect for 700 ft until we reached many cliffs, then we returned to the summit, enjoyed a quick jaunt up the 5.6 move right at the summit, then skied the worst snow ever down the south and east aspects after sunset.

Ill Will downclimbs to the ski spot.
san-juans, qdownclimb

Meatwad ready for steep Rocky Road flavor slurpee.
san-juans, rski

Great trip. The end. Kaj today.
san-juans, skaj


Re: San Juanitas

Post by Charlie »

Awesome conditions -- Will has this way of bringing the good times with him.


Re: San Juanitas

Post by ryanl »

Great pictures, beautiful mountains, and powder. Looks a grand week Jefe!


Re: San Juanitas

Post by Joeytwist1 »

oh man... this looks so EPIC! I need to get on your level.

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