The Payground Project

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The Payground Project

Post by skykilo »

Had a spectacular fall day at The Playground yesterday and finally sent "my proj."

Naomi and Micah got warm on "Beginner's Hand Jam," my favorite 5.9 crack at White Rock.
playground-project, naomibeg1

Micah hadn't climbed it before this.
playground-project, micahbeg1

Micah skied powder at Sante Fe Ski Area (looking snowy in the background) on Saturday.
playground-project, micahbeg2

Then I did The Blowhole for a warmup, a classic sandbagged 5.10+. It's a fantastic climb and very difficult to get good shots of it. I've literally wanted to get some good shots of it for years now. So while I was being lowered a suitable location was found and I suspended myself from a couple cams to get that magical angle.

Micah on the initial finger crack crux
playground-project, blowholem1

The crack curves into this overhanging sloping bulge and there are only some funky crimpers to be found.
playground-project, blowholem2

Naomi on the initial crux
playground-project, blowholen1

Clip before the crux
playground-project, blowholen2

Finding the crimpers
playground-project, blowholen3

Getting established on that foot
playground-project, blowholen4

Standing is really awkward because it's overhanging and there's nothing great to grab
playground-project, blowholen5

So The Blowhole was sent by three! That's pretty darn good.

Then I sent something that has been a bit of a project for me.

About 15 ft off the ground, first hard moves, the only pro is a brassy that does not sit perfectly.
playground-project, skyproj1

Then a lieback to a crimper.
playground-project, skyproj2

After placing another brassy, it's all about a lieback into a knee bar.
playground-project, skyproj3

With the knee bar, an inspiring #4 Camalot can be placed. Then it's just a question of perseverance to finish hoisting through the roof.
playground-project, skyproj4

Project sent!

imminent whippage

Re: The Payground Project

Post by E_$ »

alotta purty pics in this here tr. some of 'em could well be in a mag.

"bad shoulder" season, and yet there's pow skiing and shirtsleeve rock clambering--i miss NM already.

congrats on the send!

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