New Camera Ideas

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New Camera Ideas

Post by Alex »

So long story short, I lost my camera... again.

I either:
A) accidentally flung it off a cliff (hooked on ice axe when I was putting my pack on) and it landed neatly down near the bottom of the Aussie couloir and is now buried under 120cm of new snow; or
B) I'm surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) blind and mistook it for a rock and couldn't see it, even though I was searching for it in my immediate vicinity.

Either way, I have lost hope. Maybe it's because my affections were beginning to fade and new shiny things were potentially on the horizon, or it's because the weather gives me little hope of ever finding it.
So, what to do.
Do I:
A) Replace my camera with a new version of it, like the Canon SX50.
- 1200mm equivalent zoom (with shitty aperture)
- new CMOS sensor
- shooting in RAW
- high speed sequential shooting (relative to my old camera)
- reasonable price point

B) Olympus OM-D
- crazy expensive (far more than I've ever spent on a camera)
- weather proof! (with certain lenses)
- the ability to steal (borrow) Maddy's lenses
- further to the above comment, I could buy lenses as birthday / christmas present for her, then use them myself (we'll hope she doesn't read this)
- it looks pretty

C) Something Else
- ideas?

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Re: New Camera Ideas

Post by skykilo »

Olympus sounds like a good option. The Sony NEX series is awesome. No more than $300 will get you a pretty epic point-and-shoot camera these days; then it wouldn't be so painful when you lose it. Get a grip and quit losing your shit!

xo from Moab,


Re: New Camera Ideas

Post by Alex »

I try not to lose my shit, but grips are hard to come by. I prefer to gripe. The other option was a whole bunch of tethers. This would reduce the number of times I lose my wallet, keys, cell phone, pants...

Thanks for the advice.
I tried out Maddy's camera yesterday and found it frustrating to switch lenses fast enough to get the shot that I wanted. Maybe it'd come with practice. And scrolling shutter speeds with gloves on was slow and clumsy.
I also found out that the 4runner needs some work, which may help sway my decision to a cheaper option.


Re: New Camera Ideas

Post by Maddy »

Guess what? I did read this and I am voting for the SX-50.

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