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Hillmap web app

Post by huevón »

A nice skier/climber and academic software eng at my workplace has a growing hobby working on a nice open, cut and dry web app for route mapping in the mountains: http://www.hillmap.com/
http://www.turns-all-year.com/skiing_sn ... ic=20793.0
http://www.hillmap.com/m/ag1zfmhpbGxtYX ... 1hcBj7-BEM

It seems pretty easy and fun to play with. Quick and dirty Coleman-Deming:
http://www.hillmap.com/m/ag1zfmhpbGxtYX ... 1hcBj50REM

His favorite feature is the slope estimation (point slope estimation and 'Hillmap Slope Analysis').

Anyway seems pretty neat so I thought I'd share/promote. I and others here have geeked over stuff like this before.

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