Wild and Scenic Wall, Rio Grande Gorge

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Wild and Scenic Wall, Rio Grande Gorge

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This is a beautiful, wild spot on the Rio Grande in northern New Mexico.
wild-and-scenic, 00
The approach is a steep hike down a loose trail then a scramble along the banks of the river, finished by wading across the river.

A view of the crag. We climbed the burly roof split by the off fingers-to-hands crack in the middle.
wild-and-scenic, 01

Florian wades across the river.
wild-and-scenic, 02

Florian climbs the chimney at the base of the first two climbs we did.
wild-and-scenic, 03

This was our warmup, fun fingers and hands.
wild-and-scenic, 04

This one is a stellar sustained lie back.
wild-and-scenic, 05

Then the burly roof. What he's doing here is not going to end well. It's crucial to switch directions. Easier said than done on a laser cut 0.5-0.75" crack (purple to green Camalots) with no feet!
wild-and-scenic, 06

He found his way over there eventually.
wild-and-scenic, 07

To finish the day, we did "Kid in a Candy Store." It has a funky scramble without any good pro to start.
wild-and-scenic, 08

Then sustained, splitter hands.
wild-and-scenic, 09

Florian gets ready for the final crux: flared jams to stimulating face moves.
wild-and-scenic, 10

Thanks for another wonderful day of climbing, Florian!

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