Honeymoon part 1

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Honeymoon part 1

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I’m still enjoying the honey that comes from spending 3+ weeks mooning with my sweet lady, so I thought I’d share some thoughts and words with my virtual family here on El Jefe’s site.

First stop: Fairy Meadows staging area with 20 good friends.
DSC00009 (1024x683).jpg
Weather delayed our fly-in by a day but we made the best of it by tapping the keg and watching pretty ladies dance.

Big thanks to Jake Wetzl for letting us use his VRBO for a makeshift party that night to cook the food that we’d already bought, and for allowing Father Cronn to practice his recently acquired PT skills:
Much rejoicing once we finally made it to the hut, followed by three days of powder pillowed tree skiing, alpine tip toeing, and glacier white outing.
DSC00039 (1024x683).jpg
DSC00086 (1024x683).jpg
DSC00104 (1024x683).jpg
DSC00131 (1024x683).jpg
DSC00291 (1024x683).jpg
The hardest part of the trip was not being able to ski with every person there. Too many great people to go around. But we happily got to spend the evenings together with killer food followed by wood fired sauna sessions. Phad Thai in a hut with Dave Brown?! Yes please.
DSC00345 (1024x683).jpg
Blue sky on Day 4 scattered everybody like puppies at a fireworks show. Folks started in the same general direction towards Sir William, but different start times, minor fetish obectives, and different paces spread everyone out.
DSC00394 (1024x683).jpg
DSC00424 (1024x683).jpg
DSC00460 (1024x683).jpg
DSC00506 (1024x683).jpg
Summit of Enterprise, a good place to be
DSC00551 (1024x683).jpg
Tracks on Sir William
DSC00532 (1024x684).jpg
Day 5 was highlight. Merica, Ingrid, and I formed a party of three. While most of the group set out to explore new terrain, the three of us headed back to Unicorn Col and Gothic Glacier for a plum line that had yet to see tracks

The plum line splits the glacier down the middle lookers right of the buttress
DSC00818 (1024x683).jpg
We'd turned around just below Unicorn col a few hundred feet lower several days earlier in a whiteout. Merica stoked to make it to the col. And me stoked to make it with her.
DSC00714 (1024x683).jpg
Merica getting her first ever taste of fresh glacier tracks.
DSC00746 (1024x683).jpg
DSC00755 (1024x683).jpg
DSC00778 (1024x683).jpg
Pretty amazing trip. A huge thanks to everyone involved for making it so memorable. Merica and I weren't sure how and whether we could top it. But we figured we might as well try. Next stop, Paris......

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