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Thorazine Dream et al

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Had a good day in the backyard yesterday. Thought it might be too cold when I saw snow on my car first thing in the morning, but it was just warm enough.

Kevin and Jason started on one of the 5.8 cracks then Paul's Boutique. Kevin leads Paul's Boutique.
overlook, kpaulsboutique

The crux of Paul's Boutique is near the beginning.
overlook, jpaulsboutique1

Jason works his way up it.
overlook, jpaulsboutique2

Kevin leads Squeeze Chimney.
overlook, ksqueezechimney1

It starts with a short squeeze chimney but's mostly a fun, funky overhanging face crack with hand jams, finger locks and face holds.
overlook, ksqueezechimney2

There was time to climb one of the harder thin face climbs while the sun was still keeping the rock warm enough. We jumped on Thorazine Dream. I fell when my foot slipped while pulling past the initial bulge, which threw me for a bit of a loop. After a couple of false starts, I lowered to the ground then managed a clean send. I was psyched.

Jason had never been on it but he gave it a valiant flash attempt. Here he is getting into the bidness. This hold is good enough to get to the mono.
overlook, jthorazine1

He's got the mono. It's one finger to the second knuckle and it's good.
overlook, jthorazine2

And he pulls past the crux!
overlook, jthorazine3

Jason prepares for the last few moves.
overlook, jthorazine4

It's another beautiful day in northern New Mexico and there's finally some snow on the Sangres!
overlook, view

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