Mt Resplendent
Northwest Ridge Ski
8 June 2009

Seracs on the Robson Glacier from below Extinguisher Tower

Mt Resplendent from the Dome on Mt Robson: Mouseover to see the line we skied, or click for a large version. Some of our ski tracks are visible in the large version.

Resplendent is a beautiful 3,426 m peak. It offers excellent ski descents and the views of Mt Robson to its east can't be beat.

Andy Dimmen and I skied Resplendent for a "rest day" from our camp on the moraine below Extinguisher Tower. The approach had thoroughly demoralized me the previous day. No sleep before the big approach: I had driven us from Hope to Valemount at supersonic speeds in Andy's SEATAC rental car in the wee hours of the morning before the hike. The danger associated with breaking the sound barrier was mostly for naught, since we had to wait more than an hour for the grocery store to open after breakfast at the greasy spoon.

For the first time in my life, I took an official vacation. Two supervisors at the lab actually signed paperwork. Naturally, the weather in Washington and southwest BC immediately took a dive. Hence Andy and I headed for the BC-Alberta border, refugees from the rain.

Crevasses near the Mousetrap provided the sole obstacle for our ascent. Next time, the Ice Arête, or an even more adventurous line we scoped, will be on the agenda. Among other things.

There is so much good skiing to be had on all aspects in the Robson Glacier Cirque. No, really: east to north to west to south, every aspect. I'd love to return to the area again. Drop me a line if you're feeling motivated?

Whitehorn is a striking peak. The approach is much shorter than for Robson or Resplendent, too. It's on the list.

The North Face of Robson did not appear to be in ideal condition for a ski descent.

Andy skis above the Mousetrap.

Andy skis below an icefall.

Andy and I hit the Kain Face on Mt Robson the next day.

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