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Two-Body Kinematics Calculator and Plotter

This script generates plots and tables representing products of nuclear reactions, along with elastic and inelastic scattering processes using relativistic kinematics. Enter the particles or nuclei involved, the kinetic energy of the projectile, any excitation energy of the products and select the desired output. The plots and tables created will be shown at the bottom of the page.

Enter Isotopes (AEl) or Masses (AMU or MeV). Isotopes should be of form 1H, 4He, 16O ... etc, case insensitive; n, p, d, t, h, a, g, e (or e-) and e+ are also accepted as shorthand for neutron, proton, deuteron, triton, 3He, alpha, gamma, electron and positron. Shorthand is also available for particles via pi+, pi-, pi0, rho+, rho-, rho0, k+, k-, k0, mu, mu+, mu-, tau, tau+ and tau-. More could be added by request. Isotope masses are taken from the table of atomic masses, mass.mas114, with Zme subtracted.

Please note: the notation has been changed so that m1 has the kinetic energy. For an explanation of the calculations, see Relativistic Reaction Kinematics. There is an updated/modified/improved version here: kinematics

Projectile (m1):
Target (m2):
Ejectile (m3):
Recoil (m4):
Projectile Energy:
Ejectile Excitation Energy:
Recoil Excitation Energy:
MeV kinetic total
Plot Abscissa (x-axis):
Plot Ordinate (y-axis):
Express angles in:
x min, x max:
y min, y max:
Plot Width:
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θ3 θ4 θ3cm cos(θ3cm) E3 E4 v3 v4 3/cm 4/cm
θ3 θ4 θ3cm cos(θ3cm) E3 E4 v3 v4 3/cm 4/cm
degrees radians
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Please do not hesitate to send an email with any feedback; constructive suggestions to my liking will be implemented.

«Last modified by Sky Sjue to note that the CM angle is defined by m1 and m3, plus to use a newer mass table on 14 September 2014»