Fuhrer Finger Ski

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June 21, 2006

As far as moderate ski routes on Rainier, Fuhrer Finger would be the best, if it weren't for Fuhrer Thumb. Whatever you do, when you decide that you want to ski Rainier, do it early in the year (before July!) and do one of these two quality routes instead of the weak-sauce Emmons or Ingraham Direct or Disappointment Cleaver. Don't be intimidated that Lou Dawson called it "Mt Rainier's steepest digit" in Wild Snow.

That's my advice.

Mouseover to see where the Fuhrer Finger goes. Click for large photo.
Mt Rainier's Wilson Headwall, Fuhrer Thumb and Fuhrer Finger

serac ski jump Nisqually Glacier Sky jumps a small serac on the Nisqually Glacier Photo by Paul Belitz

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