Mt Snoqualmie, Slot Couloir

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11 January 2004

Everybody knows that Martin Volken ruined the Slot Couloir when he published his guidebook. These days, between Volken's book, proximity to Alpental, and eProliferation, the Slot Couloir frequently resembles a more isolated, scenic version of International when conditions are good.

Slot Couloir Double-dipping: Josh, Jason and Sam climb the Slot Couloir after a descent of the Crooked Couloir.

I skied the Slot Couloir six times while I was living in Seattle. Once I cut a sixty-centimeter slab in the narrow portion just below the top and rode the magic carpet past the dogleg. Luckily, I was uninjured. It was a good lesson. I had skied it quite safely only two days previously and allowed myself to ski into a very foolish heuristic trap.

Dropping into Slot Couloir Get in the groove: dropping into Slot Couloir. Photo by Ben Kaufman, November 2006.

Don't be an idiot like me. But if you live in the Puget Sound and you haven't skied the Slot, you really should. (And I was just kidding, Martin.)

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