Glacier Peak, Skiing Sitkum Glacier

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20 July 2002

The introductory sentence is incorrect now, since White Chuck River Road washed away in a tropical deluge several falls ago. Now it's farther.

view from Sitkum Glacier A view from the upper Sitkum Glacier; Rainier is visible in the distance.

This is a long 22-mile hike, but it is definitely worth it. The scenery is spectacular. With Mt Hood the surrounding mountains seem comparatively like ant hills, but on Glacier Peak the surrounding mountains are impressive jagged things with glaciers of their own. During the summer months this trip is rather popular, but it affords solitude at other times of year.

This was my first trip with Amar, whom I had been trying convince to make a trip with me. When he mentioned Glacier Peak, I was immediately interested in the opportunity to do something a little more off the beaten path. Actually the trail is pretty well beat down, except in a few spots after it turns off the Pacific Crest Trail toward Boulder Basin.

Amar skis fast. Amar skis high quality corn above the Sitkum Glacier.

Amar ON TOP Amar stands on the sumit of Glacier Peak.

We made a slow hike to Boulder Basin Friday afternoon, with the intention to bivouac in the basin and climb, ski, and make our exit Saturday. It had been cloudy, but the forecast was for clearing followed by good weather. The lowering sun rays and the breaking clouds made for beautiful views.

The next morning the clouds were gone and we had a beautiful day ahead of us. There were some picturesque waterfalls near the top of the basin. The snow on the glacier was a texture that was good with or without crampons. The sun would whip it into a nice creamy concoction before our descent, perfect for large, lazy GS turns at mach 3.

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