Forever Young Coulouir, Rogers Pass BC

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Forever Young Coulouir, Rogers Pass BC

Post by EpiKing505 » Sat Jan 23, 2016 12:03 am

The van has christened its first international voyage!
later Albuquerque
started by catching a pow day in Alta
then headed to Jackson for 6 days... where it snowed for 6 days....
I have tolerated worse skiing
then headed to Montana to spend Xmass with mom
after 5 days was ready to head to Canada
first stop a day tour in Kootenay National Park
Martin giving us his best "fuck ya cookie face"
stoked from our tour we headed back to Calgary for new years where I consumed a large amount of cheese at our friend Kevin's house
time to head out the "powder highway",.... Jacky, Revy, Nelly
first stop Rogers pass where we stayed for 2 days at the Wheeler Hut
time to get some...
its about 6k up the valley to the Asulkan Hut... which is truly luxury... with a propane heater.. it allows you to access the alpine in style.... we skinned up to the hut where I utilized the facilities and sprayed silky smooth hot butter E$ NYE cheese platter
oof... that was good...
forever young.jpg
the Forever Young Coulouir PC: TGR
Conditions in the Coulouir where firm but tolerable... cool line
next day did a tour up to Lilly Col... you piece you way up between the Dome and Lilly Glaciers
then 2 days at Revelstoke
check out these stats
then headed to Nelson for 2 days to ski Whitewater
Then drove 9 hours back to Calgary to drop off Martin... then another 8 hours to Montana to pick up dogs from Moms house... then rampadampad 19 hours back to Taos to catch opening day on Kachina!
Totally worth it!

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Re: Forever Young Coulouir, Rogers Pass BC

Post by skykilo » Sat Jan 23, 2016 7:55 am

Looks like a good trip. Awesome your van can go all sideways like that!

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