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Rock to Mastiff Traverse

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2016 10:38 pm
by ryanl
Been a few years since I've had an itch to meet in monroe at 5 am. Three of us set out for the Rock to Mastiff Traverse on Sunday. We found a track in place, one other party on route, and variable but generally great conditions. We dropped a car at the Merritt trailhead and were able to ski car to car.  The trip went so smoothly there's hardly anything to write about, so I'll just post some pics.

We broke out of the fog somewhere in the mid 4000's
IMG_0444 (800x517) - Copy.jpg
IMG_0465 (800x533).jpg
Eric preparing to point the north side of Rock
IMG_0476 (800x576).jpg
He ended up making a few turns on chalky wind buffed pow
IMG_0514 (800x533).jpg
A quick skin back to a notch...
IMG_0531 (800x510).jpg
...then rip the skins...
IMG_0533 (640x427).jpg
IMG_0533 (640x427).jpg (154.34 KiB) Viewed 14627 times
...for more sweet turns...
IMG_0538 (800x738).jpg
...and some bliss....
IMG_0544 (800x533).jpg
...on the way to Crescent Lake.
IMG_0552 (800x533).jpg
Another skin up to Howard. First half of the traverse can be seen in the background. Drop the north side of Rock, skin back to the notch, ski down to Crescent Lake out of sight behind the sunlight ridge with the skier
IMG_0574 (800x521).jpg
...then top out on Howard...
IMG_0588 (800x518).jpg
...for a couple of steep turns with a post card backdrop of Glacier.
IMG_0598 (800x505).jpg
Then cruiser turns down to Canaan Lake
IMG_0609 (800x533).jpg
IMG_0616 (800x331).jpg
One last skin up Mastiff, as seen from the top of Howard.
IMG_0590 (800x533).jpg
The snow felt so good on the way up Mastiff that we ditched our packs at the top and took a lap before topping out a second time with daylight to spare
IMG_0646 (800x533).jpg
We unfortunately underestimated the deproach though. Wrapping back around Mastiff took way more time than we anticipated, so we ended up skiing the several thousand feet to our car by headlamp. Which, oddly enough, felt refreshing. A great day out for sure. Thanks Eric and Bryan!

Re: Rock to Mastiff Traverse

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2016 6:31 am
by skykilo
Looks like a great day! You took some nice photos too.

It's interesting how this El Nino year is progressing.

Kaj and I do 5 am epics like erryday. But he doesn't ski yet. I get super stoked on the rare occasion when he sleeps past 6:30.

Re: Rock to Mastiff Traverse

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2016 8:20 pm
by ryanl
Thanks man. Yeah, the snow quality up here has been really, really good this year. Sounds like NM is having a good year too.

I got some super sweet news yesterday. My house closed :-) Finally, FINALLY, have that thing off my back! And made enough to pay off the rest of my debt to Christine. So that chapter is now officialluy closed. Life is good hombre. Might even be able to come down for a visit in the spring, if your life isn't too crazy by then.

Re: Rock to Mastiff Traverse

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2016 1:32 pm
by skykilo

My life has been too crazy for a spell but you are always welcome.