Taos Couloir Ski Fun

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Taos Couloir Ski Fun

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Naomi arrived on Thursday. We climbed on Friday and Saturday.

Naomi works through the crux of a fun climb at Tres Piedras.
08, 00

I was in a spell of monomania, wanting to climb but not really motivated to ski. Why would I want to disturb my beauty sleep at 6 am on a Sunday morning? It seemed so harsh. But somehow we made it happen this morning and headed for Taos.

This couloir seemed like a good objective above Williams Lake.
08, 01
I noticed it quite some time ago and have had a vague desire to ski it since then.

Naomi above Williams Lake with Wheeler Peak in the background
08, 02

Naomi boots up the couloir.
08, 03

A friendly, adventurous dog joined us on the trail and accompanied us all the way to the summit!
08, 04

I bet this dog has summited every peak in the basin.
08, 05
I skied that peak last year. It was fun.

The snow was surprisingly good for its appearance, with packed powder the whole way down the couloir.
08, 06

Some fairly intriguing lines look to be in good shape. Maybe I'm not done skiing.
08, 07

It was the last day of the season at Taos Ski Valley and the festivities were entertaining. The schnitzel and Spaten on tap at the Bavarian are authentic YUM YUM.

Jason Hummel

Re: Taos Couloir Ski Fun

Post by Jason Hummel »

Nice. Looks like great fun!

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Diamond Dachshund
from The Future

Re: Taos Couloir Ski Fun

Post by Diamond Dachshund »

Did you feast on the dog at the summit? What flavor was it? Chocolate lab?


Re: Taos Couloir Ski Fun

Post by Alex »

mmmm. Rock, snow, beer, & schnitzel...
now I'm hungry.

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