climbing logs

This includes almost all of my climbing activities that have been logged either in a notebook or electronically. The years 2003-2009 mostly include alpine climbing outings. Cragging at Index, Leavenworth, Vantage, Tieton, Exit 38 and Exit 32 in Washington was not noteworthy at the time. There is a slight uptick in entries through 2010 when I became enamored with Squamish while living in Vancouver BC. Frequency explodes in 2011-2014 after moving to New Mexico and realizing that I could climb almost Every Single Day. Entries are diminished in 2015 and 2018-2021 based on life circumstances and loss of enthusiasm for documentation.

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Filter example: "after 2010 Dungeon OR Diablo OR White Rock OR Jemez OR Sandias" gives 1042 results as of 2023Sep17. Both OR and AND work, but only separately for now.