Skiing Mount Rainier

Mighty Tahoma 4392 m - so high

Mount Rainier's Mowich Face Interactive view of Mowich Face from Mowich Lake Road

The following series of articles highlight a crescendo of ski descents from July 2005 to June 2007.

Sky approaches East Success Glacier Couloir. East Success Glacier Couloir Ski Descent

June 8, 2007

Prose from Mike G.:
And with that said, ski demon Sky has been at it again. On the one day of really good weather last week (Friday), he and Dave Brown stormed the Success Couloirs and made short work of the route on skies [sic]. Not to be out done, Jason Hummel posted a sweet Fuhrer Finger trip report (a bit dated, but nice images).
Way to stay in the game, Jase!

Photo by Dave Brown

Sunset Ridge Ski Descent Kautz Glacier Climb
Sunset Ridge Ski Descent

May 31, 2007

I really don't recommend dropping into big, steep ski descents on Mount Rainier without climbing them first. Do as I say, not as I do.

Fuhrer Thumb Ski Descent Fuhrer Thumb Ski Descent

May 13, 2007

par Christophe Martin

Le Thumb est plus raide que le Finger.

Sky gets some air on the Nisqually Glacier. Fuhrer Finger Ski Descent

June 21, 2006

Glacial air in my mountaineering boots, plus sweet thang coughing boogers on me. Good times.

Photo by Paul Belitz

Kautz Headwall shenanigans Wilson Headwall Ski Descent
June 4, 2006
Kautz Headwall Ski Descent
June 7, 2006

How NOT to get a solo permit

Brave New World: Solo steep descents on Rainier: So pneumatic!

Sunset Amphitheater Aerial Sunset Amphitheatre Couloir
Tahoma Glacier, Sickle Ski Descent

May 14, 2006

Photo by Mike Gauthier

Sky skis Liberty Ridge. Liberty Ridge
One-day Ascent and Ski Descent from Ipsut Creek Campground

April 28, 2006

Photo by Casey Ruff

Sky admires the Mowich Face. Central Mowich Face Ski Descent

July 17-18, 2005

Photo by Hannah Carrigan


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Rainier Sucks.

May 2007
This little Rainier rant dates back to Fall of 2005. The Hummels may be singing a different tune by now; I've certainly found myself overwhelmed by inspiration to ski every worthy line on The Mountain. Jason actually skied Fuhrer Finger recently, too.

Ask a Hummel and they will blatantly tell you, with no hesitation, "Mt Rainier sucks!"

You might want to know why. Myriad reasons include:

Well, wasn't that quite the rant? Don't let it fool you. Mt Rainier is The Mountain. It's BIG. Go get some.


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